Courage to Care Essay Assignment

You are a judge for the Anti-Defamation League’s Courage to Care competition. You have reviewed the accomplishments of all four nominees. Now you must select the award winner. Provide some general information about the historical context of this time. Be sure to state your claims clearly and explain your reasoning with evidence from the readings.

Graphic Org

Write a 400-500 word essay that selects one of five candidates for an ADL Courage To Care Award. Include background on the Holocaust and a thesis with at least three reasons why the candidate you chose deserves the award over the other three candidates. Be sure to make at least 7 claims with (6 explanations).

For example, John Doe deserves the Courage to Care award for saving x number of Jewish lives, putting his family at risk, and serving jail time to protect others.

D-Day Letter Home

For this task, you will write a letter home from the perspective of a soldier who experienced D-Day. You may use pp. 482-483 in your textbook and reading and When you have completed the letter, underline the number of historical details you have included from your readings, count them up and then count the number of words you have written. You have 30 minutes to complete this task.



Japanese Internment

Discuss how these two events influenced each other.

Use your background knowledge from Farewell to Manzanar, Days of Waiting, & The Ralph Lazo Story to describe when and how a government should be allowed to detain people suspected of Sedition. How much latitude should we give our government to restrict individual freedoms during wartime?