Improving Historical Reading & Writing

Improving Historical Reading & Writing is a free Massive Online Open Course offered through the Canvas Network ( The course is designed to help history teachers improve their skills in teaching historical reading and writing. The MOOC will be organized into 15 online modules that will be open from June 22 – Sept. 7. Each module will contain multiple resources, 3-5 short lecture videos, 2-3 readings, 2-4 online discussions and an online quiz. Course participants will be able to choose which modules to participate in and will have flexible deadlines when completing course work. Course completers will receive a grade based on reading and video quizzes and can earn badges and/or certificates of completion.  There is also an option to purchase graduate credit from Ashland University for work completed. Themes for the modules are listed below. Click HERE to enroll.

Canvas 2015 MOOC

Module 1
Content Literacy and Building Academic Vocabulary

Module 2
Instructional Shifts: Common Core State Standards and College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework

Module 3
Historical Thinking and The Reading Like a Historian Approach

Module 4
Developing Compelling Central Historical Questions

Module 5
Sourcing, Contextualization, and Close Reading

Module 6

Differentiation, Scaffolding, and Adapting Sources

Module 7
Corroboration Evidence and Importance of Discussion

Module 8
Assessing Student Learning through Writing

Module 9
Document-based Questions / Research Simulations

Module 10
Argumentative Writing

Module 11
Informative/Explanatory Writing

Module 12
Historical Narrative

Module 13
Providing Feedback: Automated Essay Scoring Tools

Module 14
Validating Rubrics & Choosing Mentor Texts

Module 15
History Day and Independent Student History Research Projects

The Common Core State Standards call for teachers to emphasize argumentative, informative, and narrative writing in their classroom practices. This course will help history teachers become writing teachers who teach skills and content simultaneously. Click here to enroll. For questions, contact Corbin Moore at or Scott Petri at

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