Vietnam Veteran Interview Project


This year end project is designed to teach persistence and interviewing skills. I am asking each student to call a Vietnam Veteran’s organization in a different state and conduct a 20 minute phone interview with a Vietnam Vet. All of the interview questions will be written in class, along with phone scripts, which will be rehearsed.

Please read the following directions carefully.

  1. Inform your parents about this project.
  2. Get parental permission before making long distance phone calls.
  3. Do not disclose your last name, school name, or location to anyone you interview.
  4. Do not give your cell phone number to anyone you interview.
  5. If your interviewee says anything inappropriate, or makes you uncomfortable, thank them for their time, hang up the phone, document it on your phone log, and promptly report it to your parents and teacher.

Cold Call Script

Hi, this is _________, a HS student calling from CA. I need to interview a Vietnam Vet for a school project. Would you know anyone willing to speak with me on the phone for 20-30 minutes? Later, when you have found someone willing to talk to you, ask permission to record the phone call. Explain that you will be typing a transcript of the interview.

Sample Interview Questions

Sample Transcript

Sample Veteran Interviews

Phone Numbers for Veterans’ Organizations

(See Dr. Petri, who will record every phone number you are given).

Necessary Elements for all 300 points

Original Interview Questions
Revised Iterations of Interview Questions
Phone Log
Interview Recording
Typed Transcript
1 page reflection paper

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