LACOE PD Resources

Common Core Historical Writing Seminar

Scott M. Petri, LACOE

November 17, 2015

8:30 – Introductions

9:00 – Using Writing to Increase Reading Comprehension

MEAL and


Six Word Stories


Ryhming Tweets

Klemp and

Link to shared work:

10:15 – Historical Narrative

Colby – Energizing the Social Studies Classroom

Olson, Scarcella & Matuchniak (2015) Story Mountain

11:00 – Informative/Explanatory Writing

First Person Research Paper

Fitzhugh – Meaningful Work

Link to shared work:

12:00 – Lunch Break 45 min

12:45 – Argumentative Writing

A blank Vee Diagram and a completed Vee Diagram

Thesis Development

Believing/Doubting Game

Monte-Sano – What Makes a Good History Essay?

Link to shared work:

2:00 – Providing Feedback

Goal-setting Strategies

Whole Class Feedback

1:1 Conferences

Closing the Gap

Favorite Feedback: Fact & Fiction (Turnitin)

Kaizena – demo


Link to shared work:

3:00 – Robo-readers


Hemingway App

Paper Rater

Run student work through

Link to shared work:


Pearl Trees

Blog Tour


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