Improving Historical Writing

This post contains resources from a presentation on improving feedback on student writing for the California Council for the Social Studies 55th annual conference on March 5, 2016.

Leading students through a peer review process is always effective as students very rarely see how they are writing in relation to their peers. Using a criteria chart can help them see what key information is missing in their writing. I take my lecture notes from the French Revolution and organize them by each component from the writing prompt. Here is a collection of research and articles on

My next step after leading students through some self-reflection and a peer review process is to get them to use a number of free robo-readers. Here is a collection of research and articles on automated essay scoring (AES). The trick is getting students to synthesize the feedback they have received from their peers and the computer and organize it into a revision memo. I have posted some examples of revision memos that my students have turned in.

I have another collection to help teachers provide meaningful feedback. For those of you willing to read educational research, here is an excellent paper by Hattie & Timperley on The Power of Feedback. Thanks for attending my session,  don’t forget our unconference-EdCamp tomorrow morning from 8:00 am – 10:00 am in Emerald Bay 2 & 3.

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