Vietnam War Narratives

To build interest in learning about the Vietnam War, my students conducted historical photo tableaus.

After reading The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, my students are writing their own short stories set in the Vietnam War era. They are allowed to choose the narrator and location of their narrative. The goals of this project are for students to demonstrate their research skills, abilities in synthesizing multiple sources on the subject and increase their understanding of the Vietnam War.

Burst of Joy

Students who would research the backstory of this picture would learn that there was no happy ending. Students will use the LAUSD Digital Library to find 6 sources (3 websites & 3 books) online encyclopedias count as books.


  1. Select narrator & topic 4-15 (77% of you turned this in on-time. Yay!)
  2. Find 6 sources (3 websites, 3 books) 4-20 (68% of you -110 students, turned this in on time. Thank you!)
  3. Check Note-taking/Annotation Works Cited Page (MLA Format) 4-25 (The volume of hand-written notes from their sources ranged from 0.5 of a page to 13 pages with an average of 3.5 pages per student.)
    Questions to consider when writing historical fiction.
  4. Write 1st draft in class – 4/26-27 (These stories averaged 584 words with 8.13 Historical Details).
  5. Audio Recording – due 5-2 (106 of you made this deadline, 53 did not).
  6. Provide a link to your audio story on this spreadsheet by 5-11-2016 (You had difficulty with this technical challenge only 65 of you completed it.)

All research, notes, revision memos, typed papers and audio stories should be uploaded to your Google Docs/Drive and shared with scottmpetri(at) Each step is worth 50 points, this entire project is 300 points toward your final grade. Make deadlines, not excuses. When we listen to the audio stories in class, students will grade each one using a modified version of this rubric.

Here is a short selection of their audio stories.

Dear Winnie by Paulina V.

Kent State by Victor C.

Amer-Asian Tragedy by Aimee Q.

North Vietnam’s Ambassador by Desiree J.

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