#BetterTogether Teacher-Led PD #sstlap

On Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 6 pm PT I will guest host a Twitter Chat for #sstlap on Being Better Together: Teacher-Led Professional Development. I will be delivering an afternoon EdTalk at Cal Poly Pomona. Thanks so much to Alex Kajitani, Emily Davis, Nick Salerno and Peter Paccone for giving me this great opportunity to talk about Teaching Listening First.

On Friday, July 28th, the 3rd annual Better Together: California Teachers Summit will bring 12,000 teachers to 35 locations across the state together for a powerful day of learning led by teachers, for teachers. The Summit is a unique opportunity for teachers to come together to collaborate, re-energize ahead of the new school year and be a part of a teacher network that will last beyond the Summit. The CA Teachers Summit will feature TED-style EdTalks presented by local teachers, Edcamp discussions on teacher-selected topics, and opportunities for networking and sharing ideas and resources with fellow teachers.

By bringing California teachers together, the Summit will empower teachers to support our students, protect our values as educators and set an example for the nation. The Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, the California State University and New Teacher Center organized the Summit. The event is free to all California pre-K-12 teachers, teacher candidates, school administrators and other educators. If you are a California teacher, it’s not too late to register and choose from locations across the state at www.CATeachersSummit.com. If you aren’t a California teacher, but want to follow the events look for @CATeacherSummit on Facebook and Twitter and join the conversation using the hashtag #BetterTogetherCA.

#SSTLAP Questions

:07 Q1 Describe the most powerful professional development experience you have had in your teaching career.

:14 Q2 List a teaching tip that has helped you improve your practice and credit the person who gave you that tip.

:21 Q3 What is the best favor/teaching tip that you have ever given one of your teaching colleagues?

:28 Q4 What professional development events have you participated in that utilized the EdCamp model?

:35 Q5 How would you compare the EdCamp model to the PD you normally receive from your school/district?

:42 Q6 What professional learning events and organizations have helped you learn from teacher leaders?

:49 Q7 How can schools and districts improve teacher leadership?

:56 Q8 What role would you like to grow into as your career in education matures?











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